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I have an old soul. I am a 24 year old with a love for everything old.  I love the stories each new treasure holds with it.  I love chippy paint and rust.  I love giving unusable things new life and rethinking their purpose.  I grew up visiting my grandma, Judy B, often and would sit for hours looking at pictures and envying the humble and simple ways she and my grandpa lived.

I also love creating.  I love the entire process of taking nothing and making something.  I am always looking for different styles of art to occupy myself.  If I don’t know how to do something, I learn.  From sewing, to painting, to drilling and hammering.  I love it all.  After moving into an apartment that needed a lot of work, but had a lot of potential, I discovered my love for decorating, and it turns out I was pretty good at it.  I took old things and gave them the chance to be a part of someone else’s stories: extended their lives, sometimes by making them beautiful again, and sometimes by turning them into a new creation. Rustic and shabby chic.  Country and modern.  It didn’t matter what style, what era, if i liked it, it got it, and would worry about its purpose later. One by one, things fell into place and I came out with a space that is “perfectly” me.

After encouragement from my friends and family, I decided the time was right for a shop, dedicated to everything and everyone I love.  I joined forces with my mom (who is equally, if not more, talented than I) and we ended up “rethinking” the entire shopping experience, and combining styles and tastes- new, old, and in-between- and coming up with our workshop- CornerSmiths.

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Your shop is a jewel in what I believe is already a marvelous town.
    I love coming in and finding inspiration to make my home more inviting and a place I enjoy being.
    I wish you all much success!
    Not only is the shop incredible but you ladies are as well!

  2. Love your shop! Can’t wait to visit again and see all of your new creations. Take care, Shelly (Dick’s daughter)

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